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  Welcome to Pinna Monuments and Our Story

Jessica PinnaThe Pinna Family

Pinna Monuments was founded after the tragic loss of our daughter, Jessica Noell Pinna in 2006.

We purchased a monument from a web based company to accommodate our family with the main focus being a tribute to Jessica.
While the hand-carved angel was perfect in every way, the lettering on the bench was not.
Sadly, the company we hired to do Jessica's memorial would not stand by their work.
We had to find someone local who would take on the task of re-blasting all of the lettering.
At the time, it seemed to be such a huge burden on our family, but reflecting back, it was a needed distraction. 
Although we don't like our circumstances, we understand that everything happens for a reason.
We started Pinna Monuments to provide families with superior service and vowed to
never let a family feel lost in their quest to honor the life of a loved one.
Helping others who are faced with the loss of a loved one is what we choose to do.

We may still be considered newcomers even as we enter our 10th year in business but we have surrounded ourselves with the best quarries and producers of granite in the business. We continue to bring a fresh focus on new ideas, value and customer service.

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Headstone Designs


We hope this page gave you some ideas of the different types of headstone designs that are available. Obviously you want to select a gravestone which you feel is personal to you and your loved one. However,  be prudent by determining your local cemetery regulations before hand.

Most cemeteries have their own rules and regulations pertaining to headstone designs. It is very important that you check with them before ordering a tombstone as they can refuse it if it does not meet their regulations. They also may try to lead you towards someone they work with regarding who you purchase the headstone from.  However, you are well within your rights to obtain any grave stones or a memorials from where ever you choose, as long as it conforms to their regulations.

If you have any questions on cemetery regulations in the Indianapolis or Indiana area, please call us and we will be happy to make sure the cemetery in question meets our design specifications.

If you would like help designing a memorial, you can use our design tool which will help you with the design process.  We also have a sampling of different granite colors you can browse as well.  We can also help you in adding a QR code to any monument.  You can visit this page that will help you explain the advantages of adding a QR code.

If you have any questions, please call us at 317-786-9060 and let us help you.